Maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of God's service, for one cannot understand or have any knowledge of the Creator if one is ill


OK, Lets Face It

The traditional, stereotypical 'Jewish Diet' is everything BUT healthy! Who said that kosher food cannot be healthy as well as delicious? Angel Rolls is a new venture that offers only kosher, organic, high-quality, fresh and quick finger food that satisfies most dietary needs.

Our team is focused not only on providing our customers with a delicious experience, but also in uplifting the customer's spiritual, emotional, and physical state! Our food is ideal for anyone who wishes to feel better both physically and spiritually.

About Us

My brother and I are two Russian-American Jews who were born and raised in San Francisco. We currently attend the San Francisco Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy, the only Orthodox, Jewish High School in Bay Area.

Our story began when our family started to become more and more religious. When my dad came home one day and said we can no longer eat sushi or have a birthday party at our favorite restaurant, we knew something had to be done. So, as the young innovators that we are, my brother and I picked up the chef knife and went to work.

For the last few years we have been cooking at home whenever we got the chance and have been coming up with dishes that are not only kosher and delicious, but also healthy! We refrained from using more than a certain amount of processed foods in our cookies, or adding too much sugar to our sauces. We figured that if we could perfect food that has so many different restrictions, we could truly make a difference in our community.

We are always open to new ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Please feel free to drop us a line via email to

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Why Angel Rolls?

One of the biggest questions we receive is, 'So, why do you wrap?' The answer to that is very simple: We seek to bring to the bay area a larger variety of kosher food that tastes GOOD and is HEALTHY! Don't get us wrong: we love our chollent and our grandmas’ signature Galubtzi (Russia's equivalent of manna)... but there is a time and place for that: Shabbat!

As the Rambam teaches us, it is important to recognize that the health of the body and mind are interconnected and that it is not an option but, rather, a commandment that we must protect our bodies. The two sole purposes by which we stand every day are to bring more good, kosher food to the Bay Area and to supply individuals and families with a much healthier option!

Who Rolls?

Your wraps are prepared in the kitchen of the RTC-Chabad and are fully supervised to comply with all of the strict, Jewish, dietary laws from the market all the way to your door.

Kosher? Really?

Did you know that Kosher laws are stricter than both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) combined? For example, Jewish law prohibits the use of cows with broken bones or animals that are visibly sick; U.S. Department of Agriculture and FDA do not.

The laws of kashrut strictly dictate how the animals are fed, killed, and processed. All utensils used to prepare kosher food must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized through multiple spiritual and physical rituals. Countertops and ovens must be kosher. All leafy greens should be thoroughly checked for bugs. As you can see, kosher is a highly strict principle and one which we are honored to value.

Roll the RIGHT way!

Start your morning with a spiritual boost by attending any of San Francisco’s finest minyans. From our home, the RTC, to any of the other orthodox congregations, you have a wide variety of options to wrap up your mornings with the sacred tefillin garment and with tasty refreshments.

Although all the synagogues in our community have very unique, diverse, and vibrant congregants, we all share the common desire for spirituality and, of course, good food. Let's do this the right way!

Support the Bikur Cholim Project

With over thirty thousand Jews, San Francisco doesn't currently have a program for Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick). Well, this is soon to break! with your help, of course. The RTC Bikur Cholim Project is an ongoing effort to start the very first Bikur Cholim in San Francisco!

Angel Rolls is a proud supporter of the Bikur Cholim program and, as a supporter, promises to donate 10% of all sales to this very important initiative.